Admitted to the Microsoft BizSpark program in March of 2014.  Our admission to this elite program and network has fueled our growth and excitement.

Beta Testing

One of our favorite ways of collaborating, we are currently beta testing the new MS Access Web App as well as the new Coin payment system.


In person, online, custom and pre-recorded technical training are all available.

Development Collaboration

We are proud to work with independent developers to provide corporate services and support for their work so that they can focus on development and not building a corporate infrastructure.



With two apps in the pipeline and more on the drawing board, we are excited to create a brand in the app world associated with innovation and intuitive design.

Areas of Focus

Microsoft Partner since 2013 and a Cloud Partner since 2014

Specialist Programs

CollaborationRx was formed in 2011 as a development and training provider.  What makes CollaborationRx special is our commitment to creating a positive atmosphere and incentive program for developers.  Creativity and innovation are allowed to lead. 

Headquartered in New York City, CollaborationRx and was accepted into the Microsoft BizSpark Program for Startups in March of 2014.

We pride ourselves on collaboration in all forms and delivery of innovative and intuitive products and training are our passion.

About Our Company