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Ask the Oracle v1.0

Release date:   September 27, 2014

This is the first release of this app. 



This app is built with the out of the box Microsoft Access Web App interface and deployment tools. 

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Developed by CollaborationRx, the Ask the Oracle SharePoint app is provided for entertainment purposes only.  It is provided as a tool of contemplation.  The app is provided "as is" and we do not make guarantees regarding uptime or that the app be error-free.

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Ask the Oracle is a decision making tool where you can ask a question, like "Should I invest in a new factory" and then click the Crystal Ball for a response.

Ask the Oracle

You can download the Ask the Oracle app through the Microsoft SharePoint Online Store.  After you install it, you can active the app on any SharePoint site. 

The app is a simple question and answer tool. Ask a question, click the crystal ball and get an answer. There is a button where you can ask another question.   Enjoy!

If you like the app and would like to have a customized version for you or your company, please let us know!

Click the Crystal Ball to go to the store: